Adjust parameters for several exercises at a time

It can be time-consuming to adjust the parameters of exercises in an exercise programme one by one, especially when you are going to assign (or have assigned) an exercise programme that consists of a large number of exercises. Fortunately, this is not necessary - Physitrack's programme editor has the ability to set the parameters of multiple (or all) exercises at once.

Ensure that you are in the programme editor and that your exercise programme contains at least more than one exercise.
Click the Change parameters button at the bottom right.
Adjust the exercise parameters as follows:
  • Click on an exercise to select or unselect it (1)
  • Enter the new parameters on the bottom left (2)
  • Apply these parameters to all selected or all unselected exercises (3)
  • Repeat these steps as many times as necessary and click Done (4) when ready.
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