How do I use outcome measures throughout my client's journey

Physitrack lets you assign one or more outcome measures (PROMs) to clients before, during and after an exercise program, at intervals that you specify.

There are several ways to accomplish this workflow. A sample workflow is outlined below.

1. Prepare intake templates

Likely, your practice will use the same set of outcome measures and educational articles (PDF or video) to be given to clients before the intake takes place. Creating a template will save you time and allow you to standardize best practices.

  1. Select the content that you want in the intake template (0 or more exercises, 0 or more educational attachments, and 1 or more outcome measures)
  2. Click on the program title in the program designer, choose an appropriate name, and save it as a template.
  3. If you have sharing set up from your account, this template will also be available to all practitioner accounts that you are sharing with.

If you are using PT Direct, please create the templates from your master content account.

You can add your own outcome measures and educational articles to your library, to be shared within your practice.

2. Add a client and assign an intake template

Ideally, you have Physitrack  integrated with your patient management system, so you don't need to manually add clients.

Once you've added your client and have the program designer screen open for this client, simply:

  • Click Assign new program
  • Choose Templates
  • Check the intake template that you created under step 1 above
  • Click on the cart icon (top right) to be taken back to the program editor
  • Click "Assign"
  • Confirm that the program content is indeed that which you wish to send
  • Click "Assign program"

Done. The client just received an email or sms with the access code to access their intake program. (If no email or phone number is known for this client, you will need to communicate the access code to the client in some other way).

3. After the intake: adding exercises

The client has most likely already installed PhysiApp® (our free companion app for clients, available on iOS, Android and web) and logged in with the access code from step 2.

To add an exercise program inside the access code, simply:

  • open the client
  • click "View program"
  • in the program designer, click "+ Add content"
  • choose the exercises or templates that you would like to add
    Important: if you are adding a template, do not choose "Replace program" if you want to keep the existing outcome measure schedule in tact

4. Adding an exit survey

Just like you can assign outcome measures before an exercise program, you can also add an outcome measure (or exit survey) a certain period after a program has finished.

You can add an exit survey to a client's program at any time before the program's end date.

  • Open the client
  • click "View program"
  • Click "Settings"
  • Select the outcome measure that you want to add
  • Select "On specific dates" and select the date on which you would like to schedule the exit poll

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