Rankings is an analyst-facing tool that enables the user to get an instant overview of activity in the organisation's data generating ecosystem. Quickly view:

  • Exercise program prescription activity from clinics within a group (using the Subaccounts function) and practitioners. 
  • Outcome measure assigning activity.
  • Patient reporting adherence by clinic or practitioner.
  • Condition activity (or the name the group assigns to it e.g. diagnosis, procedure, pathway, using the Inputs tab).

Narrow down results by selecting date ranges, or by selecting clinics within the group (subaccounts), practitioners and conditions. 

The top / bottom 8 results are displayed on-screen, with the Download button providing all outputted data in the database. 

Rankings is contained within Physitrack's enterprise license tool Physitrack Direct and is enabled by Physitrack when there is an active subscription to the solution.

When a PhysiData subscription is active, Rankings is visible in the left-side Analytics navigation tab. 

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