Assigning a PSFS (Patient Specific Functional Scale)

The Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) allows a patient to identify the goals most important to them, and rate their ability to achieve these goals using a 10 point scale.

You can quickly assign a PSFS to a patient.

In the program designer, click on Assign (if the program has not yet been started) or Settings (for patients with an already active program).


  1. Check the "Attach outcome measure" box
  2. Select "Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS)" as the outcome measure
    Note: in some countries, this outcome measure might be called Patient Specific Functional Score
  3. Click "Add activities"
  4. Enter at least 1, and up to 5 activities for the patient to report
  5. Click Save changes & close
  6. Assign the program (or, save the changes to the program)

The PSFS will be shown to the patient at the polling moments and intervals that you have specified.

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