Gensolve integration guide (New Zealand)

Please see Gensolve's integration documentation:

Important: from 1 December 2018, all New Zealand practitioners who had their subscription through Gensolve will be required to buy their subscription directly from Physitrack.

Logging in to Physitrack directly

If you do not know the email address that you have an account with on Physitrack:

  1. Login to Physitrack from inside Gensolve
  2. Go to My account > My practice 
  3. View (and/or update) your email address. 
    - Please make sure that you have a valid email address on Physitrack.
    - Note that each practitioner on Physitrack needs a unique email address.

If you have two Physitrack accounts (i.e. a and, please see our guide on migrating & closing your auto-created Gensolve account

If the above steps do not work for you, please email and include your full name in the email.

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