JaneApp integration guide

Step 1: setup the link between Jane and Physitrack

Follow the steps below to link your Jane and Physitrack accounts:

Step 2: open your patient inside Physitrack

Follow the steps below to learn how to open your patients from Jane and add them automatically to Physitrack:

Note 1: if you have multiple colleagues in your practice, and you want their JaneApp accounts to be linked to their Physitrack accounts, each practitioner will need to login to their own account and paste in the API key into My account > Settings.

Note 2: If you have a group account ("Physitrack Direct") please contact sales@physitrack.com to have global API access enabled before you go through steps 1 and 2 above.

Note 3: If you add existing practitioners (who already have individual integrations with Jane) to your Physitrack Direct account, their Physitrack API tokens will be updated, and you will need to copy these new tokens to Jane.


If you get an error on Jane, please make sure that the API keys on the Physitrack: My Account > Settings page match the Jane Settings page.

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