PPMP integration guide

For the PPMP integration to work, please make sure that you have a recent version of PPMP installed (9.8.0 or newer)
More specifically: Physitrack has deprecated TLS 1.0 for security reasons.
The new version of the Physitrack plugin inside PPMP ensures compatibility with most versions of Windows newer than Windows XP.
Download the PPMP Physitrack update

Step 1: 

Physitrack overview clip from Physitrack on Vimeo.

Step 2: Linking PPMP to your Physitrack account

1. Open PPMP on your computer.

2. Go to Setup > Computer Resource Usage.

3. Click on the Program Links tab and tick the 'Activate Physitrack link' tick box.

4. Click OK and restart PPMP.

5. Open a client record.

6. Select the Exercise Program tab and click the Physitrack button.

7. If this is the first time you login, enter your Physitrack login credentials.

8. The patient is opened in Physitrack

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