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We are excited to introduce our Copilot Search, Physitrack’s latest AI-powered solution designed to enhance your experience in searching for exercises in Physitrack. To ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with using Ask Copilot Search, we have created a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about this innovative tool.

Understanding Ask Copilot Search

Ask Copilot Search utilises advanced Artificial Intelligence to offer real-time assistance in searching for exercises within the Physitrack library. Whether you need to create a program quickly or be able to find exercises to assist you in achieving a specific outcome, Ask Copilot Search is here to assist.

How Ask Copilot Search Works: Our AI analyses your query and utilizes search functionality to respond with suggested exercises.

Learning and Growth: Ask Copilot Search is designed to evolve. Through interactions, your feedback, and continuous updates, it becomes more adept at addressing your needs, both at a user-interface level and in the process of suggesting appropriate exercises.

Feedback and Improvements: Ask Copilot Search is still in a beta version and we are continuing to work to make ongoing improvements. Your input is invaluable, especially during the beta testing phase. We encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions to help us enhance Ask Copilot Search. Your anonymous feedback is being used by our product team to adjust the tool and make sure that it continues to better serve your needs, although we don’t utilize your feedback directly in the AI learning process.

Ask Copilot Search is a tool used to suggest exercises based on the information you provide, but you should always check any suggestions to ensure they are appropriate for your client/patient. Ask Copilot will do its best to assist you, however, it cannot replace the understanding that you have of your client/patients' needs. It will always remain your responsibility to assign the correct exercises with the appropriate parameters based on your own clinical reasoning.

Your privacy and security

Data Input Guidelines: It is crucial to note that Ask Copilot Search should not be used to input or process Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI). Please ensure that your queries and interactions do not include any personal or sensitive data to maintain privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

We welcome your feedback to continually improve Ask Copilot Search. If you have any questions or suggestions, or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent for your feedback to be used, you can do so easily. Detailed instructions and the process for withdrawing consent are available - contact We are committed to respecting your choices and ensuring your satisfaction with Ask Copilot Search.

How does Copilot Search manage data?

The technology behind Copilot Search uses the instructions from Physitrack’s individual, proprietary exercises and the movements in the video to match exercises with prompts that are put into the Copilot Search UI. Physitrack do not use patient data or any data inputted by healthcare practitioners. This approach ensures that all data managed by Copilot Search is strictly related to the exercise content and does not include any personal or sensitive information. By adhering to these guidelines, Physitrack ensure that the privacy and security of all users are maintained.

This feature is currently being provided on a test basis for the purpose of assisting practitioners with their own search for exercises. It is not for use by end user/patients. Physitrack acts as a technology provider only. As with our platform, this feature is not a medical device and does not, nor is intended to, provide any form of medical advice, diagnoses or treatment whatsoever. Physitrack accepts no responsibility nor liability for any use or reliance (including by an end-user) in contrast to the foregoing or its intended use. The user accepts full responsibility and liability for use of any exercise programs by them or their patients, and to apply their professional judgment when using any search function, assigning exercises, reaching conclusions, advising, validating and/or prescribing exercise programs. The use of this feature is governed by the same terms that apply to the platform which can be accessed at

Contact us

For any questions, concerns, or additional information about Ask Copilot Search, please contact our team at

We are here to assist you and ensure that your experience with Ask Copilot Search is nothing short of exceptional. We look forward to your valuable feedback and to making Ask Copilot Search an indispensable part of your daily routine.

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