Using advanced search methods

Finding the right exercise can seem a bit tricky in a library of now more than 16,000 exercises (in English). We understand that. Use the useful search tricks below to search more effectively and get better search results. There are two advanced search options which you can use alone, or in combination:

  1. Phrase query - putting two or more words together in a search to bring up exercises that only contain those two (or more) words in your specified order.
  2. Prohibitor operator - specifying a word you want to exclude, to filter out exercises containing that word from your search results.

Phrase query

A specific sequence of words matched next to one another.

A phrase query needs to be surrounded by double quotes ( " ).

For example, searching "ankle pumps" only returns an exercise if it contains "ankle pumps" in the exercise title, description or aliases.

  • The search is case-insensitive.
  • Typo-tolerance is disabled.
    If you make a typo, then you will likely not see any matches.
  • Automatic pluralisation is disabled.
    So if you search on "thread the needles" this will not match "thread the needle".
  • You can combine a phrase query (in double quotes) with regular search text, e.g. "thread the needle" level.
  • "ankle circles" will find all exercises that contain "ankle circles" in their title, description or aliases.
  • "thread the needle" will find all exercises that contain this text in their title, description or aliases.

Prohibit operator

Exclude exercises that contain a specific term.
  • To exclude a term, you need to prefix it with a minus (-).
  • The search engine only interprets the minus (-) as a prohibit operator (i.e. exclude results with this term attached) when you place it at the start of a word.
  • A minus (-) within double quotes (") is not treated as a prohibit operator.
  • squat -weighted only matches exercises containing "squat(s)", but not "weighted".
  • squat-weighted matches exercises containing "squat" and "weighted" (there‚Äôs no exclusion because the minus (-) is in the middle of the word).
  • -weighted matches every exercise except those containing "weighted".
  • -weighted squats matches exercises containing "squat(s)", but not "weighted".
  • "-weighted" (note the double quotes) matches exercises containing "-weighted" (no exclusion performed).
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