Advanced exercise search syntax

To help you more quickly find exercises on Physitrack, you can use the following search syntaxes:

Phrase query

A specific sequence of terms that must be matched next to one another.

A phrase query needs to be surrounded by double quotes ( "). 

For example, the query "ankle pumps" only returns an exercise if it contains “ankle pumps” in the exercise title, description or aliases. 

  • The search is case-insensitive.
  • Typo-tolerance is disabled.
    If you make a typo, then you will likely not see any matches.
  • Automatic pluralisation is disabled
    So if you search on "thread the needles" this will not match "thread the needle"
  • You can combine a phrase (in double quotes) with regular search text, e.g. "thread the needle" level


  • "ankle circles" will find all exercises that literarily contain "ankle circles" in their title, description or aliases.
    Note: the text will no longer automatically match plural or singular versions, e.g. "ankle circle" will not match a search for "ankle circles"
  • "thread the needle" will find all exercises that literally contain this text in their title, description or aliases.

Prohibit operator

Exclude records that contain a specific term.

  • To exclude a term, you need to prefix it with a minus ( -). 
  • The search engine only interprets the minus (-) as a prohibit operator when you place it at the start of a word. 
  • A minus (-) within double quotes (") is not treated as a prohibit operator.
  • squat -weighted only matches exercises containing “squat(s)”, but not “weighted”.
  • squat-weighted matches exercises containing “squat” and “weighted” (there’s no exclusion because the minus (-) is in the middle of the word).
  • -weighted matches every exercise except those containing “weighted”.
  • -weighted squats matches exercises containing “squat(s)”, but not “weighted”.
  • "-weighted" (note the double quotes) matches exercises containing “-weighted” (no exclusion performed).
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