Scheduling educational content and outcome measures at different times


Physitrack University offers guidance on assigning educational content and outcome measures to patients at various stages of their care plan. The tutorial outlines five options:

  1. At the start of the program: This default setting simplifies the process by immediately assigning content when the program begins.
  2. After the start of the program: Users can choose to send information after the program commences by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.
  3. On specific dates: For tailored scheduling, practitioners can select particular dates to deliver educational content or questionnaires, allowing flexibility for assessment moments.
  4. At regular intervals: This option enables sending questionnaires periodically, with users selecting the interval and highlighting the corresponding dates on the calendar.
  5. Post program: After completion of the program, practitioners can opt to send outcome measures again by specifying the desired number of days.

These options empower practitioners to customize care plans effectively for their patients, ensuring timely delivery of relevant content and assessments.

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