Copy information into your EMR


Physitrack University offers tips on efficiently copying information from Physitrack into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to streamline patient care. Four key tips are provided:

1. Copy Text Summary: From the selected exercise program, click the "print" icon and select "Show text summary" to copy and paste the summary into the patient's EMR.

2. Save as PDF: Save the exercise program as a PDF by clicking the print icon, then save the program to your computer and upload it into the EMR. Alternatively, take screenshots if preferred.

3. Save Questionnaire Results: Open the patient's file, click on dates below the chart, then right-click to print and save as a PDF for questionnaire results.

4. Save Adherence/Pain Report: Open the client's file, click the "graph" icon, save the page as a PDF to capture adherence and pain feedback for upload into the EMR.

By following these tips, practitioners can efficiently organize and transfer patient care information between Physitrack and EMRs, improving workflow and patient management. Additionally, practitioners are encouraged to advocate for deeper integrations between Physitrack and their EMRs for enhanced efficiency.

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