Video like a Pro - tips on uploading your own videos


In this fun video (can you guess all the movies the quotes are from?), Physitrack University presents eight tips for creating professional exercise videos to enhance patient engagement and professionalism.

1. Filming Directions: Film horizontally on a stand for better visibility and stability.

2. Consider Storage Space: Keep video size under 250MB for easy client downloads.

3. Composition: Maintain focus and keep movements within the frame using grids and test runs.

4. Neutral Background: Use a clutter-free background to maintain focus on the exercise.

5. Lighting: Ensure proper lighting for clear visibility, avoiding backlighting.

6. Focus: Use autofocus and ensure a clean lens to prevent blurry footage.

7. Audio Quality: Use external microphones for clear sound, consider adding audio later for editing flexibility.

8. Fine Tuning: Add intros or outros for a professional touch using video editing software.

These tips aim to help practitioners create high-quality exercise videos that reflect the professionalism of their practice and enhance patient experience and engagement.

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