Taking your service to the next level with your own Custom App


Physitrack University introduces the concept of Branded Apps, offering practitioners the opportunity to elevate their clinic's brand, patient experience, and workflow optimisation. Key points include:

  1. Enhanced Branding and Patient Journey: Branded Apps allow practitioners to create unique patient experiences aligned with their clinic's branding, offering tailored workflows and automating processes like appointment booking and patient intake.
  2. Physitrack Auto Intake: Integrating Auto Intake enables automated triage based on patient responses, offering self-management programs and educational materials tailored to individual needs.
  3. Integration and Expansion: Branded Apps can integrate with practice management systems for appointment booking and offer links to additional services or resources, ensuring seamless patient care.
  4. Flexibility and Adaptability: Branded Apps can evolve with clinic needs, allowing dynamic adjustments to workflows and patient interactions.

By leveraging Branded Apps, practitioners can not only enhance their clinic's brand awareness and patient experience but also streamline workflows and improve efficiency in patient care delivery.

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