Managing payment details in PT Direct

With your PT Direct account you have easy access to your payment details. Follow the steps below to view and edit them:

  1. Log in to PT Direct, clicking the url below that matches with your location:
    - (United Kingdom)
    - (Ireland)
    - (United States)
    - (Canada)
    - (Australia)
    - (New Zealand)
    Make sure you log in to PT Direct, rather than to your regular Physitrack account.

  2. Go to Payments & billing
  3. Check and edit, if needed, the number of practitioners in your subscription
  4. Scroll down to view or amend your payment details

  5. Click on Confirm payment details - you're done!


  • You will be charged automatically with the Total per month amount around the beginning of each calendar month.
  • If you add or subtract a license (a practitioner) mid month, your account will be charged a pro rata subscription during the first payment cycle.
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