How can I collect payment for Telehealth consultations?

  • Physitrack Telehealth focuses on secure, easy to use and best-in-class Telehealth for you and your clients.
  • Physitrack does not offer calendar, scheduling or billing functionality, as this is best left to platforms who are focused on these processes.
  • If you don't have an established billing process in place yet, you have several options to collect payment for Telehealth consultations. We've listed some options below.

Use your Practice Management System

Check with your Practice Management System provider to see if they offer the possibility for you to collect online payments from your clients. 

Physitrack integrates with many of the world's leading Practice Management Systems.

Use a scheduling & payment platform

If your Practice Management System does not support collecting online payments, you could search for online scheduling & payment platforms.

We've listed a few options below and will likely offer an integration between Physitrack and (some of) these platforms in the near future.

Pricing comparison

Vcita Calendly Acuity Fresha MindBodyOnline Lyfe
Integration with Physitrack - - - - - -
Available in worldwide worldwide worldwide worldwide worldwide Australia only
Payments through built-in Stripe, PayPal built-in support for PayPal, Square, Stripe

Online scheduling yes yes yes yes yes yes
Monthly cost for a 1-person practice, including online payment (starting) $45 $12 $25 unknown $129 AU$19
Monthly cost for a 5-person practice, including online payment (starting) $45 $60 $25 unknown AU$32

Use a standalone online payment platform

If you are happy with your current scheduling system to book and manage appointments, but lack the possibility to collect online payments from your clients, you could consider:

  • BlueSnap
    Set up invoicing or a "hosted payment page" where you can define your services and collect payment.
  • PayPal
    PayPal lets you accept payments online and is easy to implement.
  • Stripe
    Stripe is a well-known payment platform, but does require technical knowledge to implement.
  • Mollie
    Well-known European payment platform
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