Recommended Telehealth workflow

The flowchart below illustrates the Physitrack Telehealth workflow.

  1. The practitioner invites the client to a call.
  2. If the client is logged in to their program and has the app open, the client is shown as online, and the client sees an incoming call alert.
  3. If the client is not logged in to their program or does not have the app open, the client receives an invitation email with a link to join the call.
  4. Also, if the client is logged in to their program on iOS or Android, the client will see a push alert / notification of an incoming call (assuming that the client has allowed the app to show notifications)

Recommended workflow

Ideally, your client will be logged in to PhysiApp (or a Custom App, if your practice has one) ahead of the call:

  1. Create a "Prepare for your call" template in your Library.
    This template can contain a PDF (or video) with information about your practice, payment, etc.
  2. Assign the call preparation template to each patient with whom you will be doing a Telehealth Consultation.
    Unless they already have a normal exercise program, in which case the patient will already have downloaded and logged in to PhysiApp.

    This is also possible if you're assigning templates directly from your practice management system.

  3. Schedule a time with your client (this is done outside of Physitrack, for example in your practice management system).
    We will be adding a feature to let your practice management system send appointment reminders to clients as in-app messages inside PhysiApp.
  4. Start the video call with your client at the agreed upon time
    If your client is online and logged in to the app, and has the app open, they will see an incoming call notification and be able to join the call immediately.

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