Primal Pictures pilot content

We are very excited to see you start using our bespoke Primal Pictures anatomical content, hosted live in your Library > Education tab.

The clever folks at Primal Pictures have been working hard to pull together a great sample of 43 items for your pilot. This content will fall under 4 pillars:

  • Anatomical Slide (PDF)
  • Muscle Function Animation (video)
  • Side-by-side Exercise Video (video)
  • Condition Animation (video) and Condition Fact Sheet (PDF)

To help you find it in your Education tab, we have titled the content as follows:

  • PP ANATOMICAL SLIDE: Title goes here
  • PP MUSCLE FUNCTION: Title goes here
  • PP SIDE-BY-SIDE: Title goes here
  • PP CONDITION ANIMATION: Title goes here
  • PP CONDITION FACT SHEET: Title goes here

Simply type "PP" followed by your pillar into the search box and see your content filter.

Below is an itemised list of all Primal Pictures, Physitrack pilot content for your reference:

V Trigeminal nerve Int/Ext rotation of the Shoulder
VII Facial nerve Up/Down rotation of the Scapula
Brachial plexus Flex/Ext of the Elbow
Median nerve Pron/Sup of the Forearm
Radial nerve Flex/Ext of the Wrist
Lumbar plexus Flex/Ext of MCP and IPJ
Femoral nerve Flex/Ext of the Trunk
Sciatic nerve Flex/Ext of the Knee - superficial layers
Common fibular nerve & branches Flex/Ext of the Knee - deep layers
Tibial nerve Sit to Stand - posterior view
Sit to Stand - posterolateral view
Head & Neck - superficial lateral musculature Jogging
Scapula - anterior musculature
Scapula - posterior musculature PP SIDE-BY-SIDE:
Forearm & Hand - extensor muscles Hamstring stretch
Forearm & Hand - flexor muscles Resisted forearm supination
Hand - anterior musculature
Posterior trunk - intermediate layer PP CONDITION ANIMATION:
Posterior trunk - deep layer Golfer's Elbow
Lumbar - deep musculature Hamstring Tendinopathy
Lower Limb - posterior view
Hip & Thigh - anterior compartment PP CONDITION FACT SHEET:
Knee - anterior musculature Golfer's Elbow
Knee - posterior musculature Hamstring Tendinopathy
Foot & Ankle - lateral
Foot - plantar musculature

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