Changing practitioners' email visibility

Physitrack does not show a practitioner's email address to clients, except in that the practitioner's email is shown as the reply-to header in the email that is sent with the program access code, as well as several other practitioner-triggered events, such as when a practitioner sends a message from inside Physitrack or invites a client to a video call.

The reason for this is that, in our experience, clients usually only reply to these emails because they have content-specific questions, or questions related to the appointment, which Physitrack cannot answer.

You can change this setting for all practitioners in your account so that the reply-to address gets set to, and the practitioner's email remains is not disclosed to the client by Physitrack.

To change this setting:

1. Login to your PT Direct account, and make sure you have access rights to the Practitioners page.

2. Go to Practitioners page, then click the Defaults button on top.

3. Check the "Let clients reply to providers' email address when sending email" checkbox. The change is automatically saved.

Please note though that by disabling direct replies to the practitioner's email, you may miss out on client communication, because Physitrack does not read and forward communication that is not strictly related to the technical functioning of PhysiApp.

Note that an individual practitioner can only override this setting if you've enabled this setting and they choose to disable it instead.

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