Importing clients from a csv file

As a PT Direct administrator, you can add clients to your PT Direct account by importing a valid csv file into PT Direct.

  • Login to your PT Direct account with an appropriate user permission level
  • Go to Patient upload
  • Click the "Import clients (csv)" button
  • Select a valid csv file from your filesystem
  • Wait until PT Direct has finished processing your file. After processing, the status of your import will be shown.

Required csv format

Each row must contain

  • Internal_id

    String. Reference in your own system.

    - Do not use social security numbers or NHS numbers.

    - Use a neutral, self-generated key.

    - This key must be unique inside your system.

    If a client with this key already exists inside your PT Direct account, this patient will be updated with the new information.

  • First name

    String. First name of the client

  • Last name

    String. Last name of the client

  • Year of birth

    Integer. Valid range from (this year) to (100 years ago)

  • Gender

    String.  m or f

Each row may optionally contain

  • Email

    String. Email address of the client. Does not need to be unique, but will only be stored if syntax is valid.

  • Mobile number

    String. International format with no spaces or non-digit characters, e.g. 0012125551212.

  • Diagnosis code


  • Client group


    If a client group with this name (case insensitive) does not already exist inside your PT Direct account, then this group will be added.

  • Fields must be included in the order stated above.
  • Whitespace surrounding commas will be ignored.
  • If there are empty required fields, the row will be skipped.
  • If there are empty optional fields, insert empty strings
  • Do not include header rows.
  • Use commas to separate fields

Sample csv row with missing email field

This is an example of a valid row. The client has no email, so the email field is simply an empty string.

1234567890,John,Doe,1977,m,,0031611223344,abc-123,Acme Inc

Once the import has been completed, you will see a status message, with all failed rows listed explicitly.

There is a limit of  1000 clients per csv file. If you want to import more than 1000 clients, please split these over several csv files.

Please consider which clients you want on Physitrack. To help promote "privacy hygiene", it's best to limit the clients to be imported to a realistic set of clients who will be assigned Physitrack content in the coming 12 months.

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