Sending and receiving messages

Physitrack allows you and your client to communicate through Physitrack (clinician portal) and PhysiApp (the patient portal).

Think of it like texting, but rather than having to use another system, you can use it all in the one place.

From the clinician end:
  1. Access the 2-way messaging function via the client's file in the Clients menu.
  2. Enter your message in the text area, and tap "Send" when complete.

  3. Alerts and unread messages from a specific patient will show as a dot beside the patient's name.

From the patient end:
  1. Tap on the Messages menu at the bottom of your screen, and enter their year of birth to access this function.

  2. Once in, your patient can read and reply to any messages from you, their clinician (tap "New" in the top right corner to enter the text).

All correspondence with your client via 2-way messaging is stored within the client file. You may wish to download this data to store elsewhere. 
To do this, you will need to access your account via a web browser (details of how in the links in the yellow box below).

Take a look at our help document to find out how to download this information

Saving 2-way messaging and Telehealth information 
You can turn off the 2-way messaging function, disabling the facility for you and your patient to communicate via the app.
This is only currently available on the web version of Physitrack. Not sure how to do this? Take a look at our help documents below:

What is a web browser and how can I access one?

Logging on to Physitrack on web

Turning on and off 2-way messaging

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