My patient cannot login


  • All of your clients login to PhysiApp. PhysiApp is free, and available for web, iOS and Android.
  • Your client will need his/her access code to log in to PhysiApp.
  • Your client receives his/her access code when you assign the exercise program to your client. If you have an email address and/or mobile number for your patient, you can send this access code to them. Otherwise, they will need to write it down.

Re-sending an access code to your client

  • Go to Clients and select the client in question.
  • Tap the relevant program to highlight it it green, then tap "Edit program" in the top right corner.

  • Tap on your client's name to open the assign, or "Program settings" box, and select "Send access code".

  • Select to email an/or SMS the code to your client. If an email address or contact number is not attached to this client's file, you will be able to input the relevant details at this stage.

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