How do I transfer an individual client to a colleague?

Physitrack allows you to transfer a client to another colleague's Physitrack account. This is particularly useful when covering staff sickness or leave.

Note: Physitrack iOS only lets you transfer a client, meaning your client will move from your list to your colleagues. 

To share a client, at present you can do this by accessing your Physitrack account on the web. Have a look at our help docs at the bottom of this page if you're not sure how.

To transfer your client to a colleague:

  1. Go to Clients and and find your client's name in the list, or by using the search bar.

  2. Tap on your client's name to open up their file.

  3. Tap on their name in their file (top left) to edit their details, and also find transfer and download options.

  4. Finally, tap "Transfer client" and enter the email address attached to your colleagues Physitrack account. Tap "Transfer" to complete the process.

  5. Your colleague will receive an email notifying them of this transfer. This patient will now automatically appear in your colleague's Physitrack Clients list.

What is a web browser and how can I access one?

Logging on to Physitrack on web

How to transfer or share an individual client

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