How do I assign an outcome measure to a client?

With the Physitrack app on iOS, you can assign PROM's to a patient in the final assign box.

After selecting the relevant exercises (and educational content if required), you now need to assign this content to your patient.

(Not sure how? Read our help doc here).

  1. Attach your PROM in this final assign window.
  2. Tap on "Attach outcome measure" at the bottom of this window.

  3. Select the outcome measure you would like to attach to this program by tapping on the relevant item (use the search box at the top to quickly filter, or scroll through the list in alphabetical order).

  4. Select when you would like this questionnaire to be completed by tapping on the "Show" function.

  5. Finally, if happy with the rest of the content, tap "Assign" in the top right corner to send this program to your patient.

Note: if you would like to view the PROM in detail, please login to our web version and follow the steps in our help document below. 
What is a web browser and how can I access one?

Logging on to Physitrack on web
How do I view the content of an outcome measure?

If you would like to attach multiple PROM's to a clients program, this must also be done on the web version.
How do I assign multiple outcome measures?

To create your own questionnaires, use the web version.
How do I add my own questionnaires to Physitrack?

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