How do I assign educational content to a client?

Educational content is a great way to support the exercise program you have sent to your client. Or to provide your patient with suggestions or tips. Remember, you can also upload your own content to this area!

There are 2 ways to do this.

1. From the Library > Education area

2. From the final assign box

Selecting from the Library > Education area

  1. Go to Library > Education
  2. Search for the content you require (not sure how? Read this)
  3. Tap on the item(s) you would like to add. A tick will appear in the selection circle by this item.

  4. Tap on the selection basket in the top right corner to access your editing window. Select "Choose client" to find/add the patient you would like to send this information to. 

  5. Once your client has been identified you will see the education content listed at the bottom of the assign window. 

  6. Finally, tap "Assign" in the top right corner of this area to generate your clients access code.

Selecting from the final assign box

  1. Once an exercise program has been created you will need to assign it to your patient.
  2. In the final assign box, scroll down and tap "Attach educational content".
  3. Search for the content by title in the search bar at the top, or simply scroll through the education library. 

    Tap the relevant item(s) that you would like to include in your patients program (a tick will appear beside those selected).

  4. When done, tap back and finally select "Assign" to send this to your patient.

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