Can I add the same exercise more than once in a program?

You may wish to add an exercise more than once to a clients program. This is very simple to do.

  1. You must be in the program editor window (either daily or weekly). 
  2. Daily program editor

    Simply tap the desired exercise in the left side menu (so it highlights in green), then tap the copy icon in the top right corner (looks like 2 pieces of stacked paper).

    Weekly program editor

    Double tap (or tap and hold) on the desired exercise on the desired day (preview window appears as shown below), then tap the copy icon in the top right corner of this preview window (looks like 2 pieces of stacked paper).

  Tip: To duplicate an exercise in every day of a weekly program it is recommended to switch to the daily program viewer, duplicate the exercise here, then switch back to weekly.
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