How do I update an existing program?

There are 3 ways you may wish to do this:

1. Updating a pre-set program template in your program library to add new/remove exercises.

2. Adding exercises to your patients current program.

3. Combining a pre-set program template with other exercises to send to a patient.

If you want to update a pre-set program template in your exercise library

This is not currently possible on the Physitrack iOS app. In order to do this function, log on to your Physitrack account on a web browser and follow the steps in the help document found  here.

Web browsers for Physitrack.

If the program is in use by a client

1. Go to " Clients" and open your clients file.

2. Tap on the " Edit program" icon in the top right corner. 

3. Tap the " +" symbol at the bottom of the screen then search for and select exercises in the usual way.

4. Tap "Done" when complete and update the parameters as necessary. Changes save automatically.

5.  Tap "Close" in the top right corner to exit this window.

Combining a pre-set program template with another exercise for a specific patients program.

1. In Library > Exercise program, find the program you would like to combine and select this program by ticking the circle. This program will now appear in your basket (top right corner).

2. Click on the " Exercises" tab. Search for and select the relevant exercise(s) you would like to combine with this program. You will see these added to your basket in the top right corner.

3. Now that you have added all the programs and exercises you would like for your patient, adjust the parameters as usual and assign it to your client.

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