How do I create an exercise program?

There are two ways that you can create an exercise program:

  • From the Library > Exercise window (where you first select the exercises (or exercise protocols) that you would like to assign to a client);
  • From the Client window (where you first select the client (or add a new client) and then assign an exercise program to him/her);

Library > Exercise

1. Go to  Library > Exercises and search for the exercises that you would like to use in the program.
Tap on the circle by the exercise you would like to add, or when in the exercise preview window, tap on the basket in the top right corner. (You can also select and combine existing exercise programs for inclusion in your new program).

2. These all then appear in the basket to the top right corner of your library window.

3. Tap the basket to view and edit the program as you see fit. Add exercises, change the parameters for each exercise and convert your exercises to a weekly program if you wish. The bottom left symbol holds other functions including printing, copying to your pre-set programme library and clearing all exercises.

4. Remove individual exercises by sliding the exercise icon to the left. Tap the red " Remove" icon.

Client first

1. Find your client in the client menu at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap the "Assign program" icon to the left of the page.

3.Select exercises using the method explained above. Select " Done" when complete.

4. Adjust the parameters and any other functions as explained above.

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