How do I add and delete my own exercises to Physitrack?

If you cannot find the content that you are looking for or wish to add videos of your clients or colleagues performing exercises, you can add your own exercises to your library.

Note that all content (including exercises) that you add to your Physitrack account is private to your account, and not shared with any other practitioners on Physitrack. You can choose to share content with colleagues from the My account > Sharing page.

If you are missing content in the Physitrack library, please email us, and we will get back to you.

  1. Go to Library > Exercises.
  2. Click the "Add Exercise" button (the + symbol to the top right).
  3. Chose whether to "Film exercise" using your device, or "Choose existing video" from your device video library.

  4. Once you have filmed/selected the video (tapping "Use Video"/"Use" respectively), you will be asked to select the library catalogue tags relevant to this exercise (required fields are highlighted in yellow). This may include:
    1. Name
    2. Instructions
    3. Specialty
    4. Joint/region
    5. Objective
    6. Set/reps
    7. And more....
  5. If a patient is featured in this video, it is vital that you identify them by selecting their name in the relevant area. This ensures that you do not inadvertently send this video to another patient.
  6. Once all compulsory fields are completed, tap "Add" at the top of the page to add this exercise to your library.

Your new exercise can now be viewed in your main library screen. Find it by using the relevant search filters, or by simply typing the exercise title into the search bar.

If you set up content sharing (My account > Sharing in Web version only), you can also share your custom exercises with colleagues. 

To delete your exercise, simply double tap on your exercise in the library window, then scroll down to the bottom and tap "Delete exercise".

Note: exercises where you have indicated that a patient is featured in the exercise are not shared.

Any video filmed straight from the Physitrack "Add exercise" >  "Film exercise" feature will not save to your device gallery. Only to your Physitrack library.
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