How do I find exercises in Physitrack?

The heart of Physitrack is our exercise library. We endeavour to add new expert-created, high definition exercise videos to our library suite regularly and are always open to suggestions from our users.

However, exercise videos are only useful if they can be easily found. This is why Physitrack has a categorised and labelled all exercise videos to be found as intuitively as possible.

  • Go to Library > Exercises, and tap on the magnifying glass in the top left corner.
  • This filter lets you:
    • search for exercises by name (it's OK if you don't know the exact spelling, we allow for so-called "fuzzy" searching).
    • browse through our exercise library by using our drop-down filters choosing a specialty, and then, inside the chosen specialty, attributes that an exercise must match.

You can click " Clear" to the top right of the search area to reset the filter and show all exercises.

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