How to start a Telehealth call on iOS

Physitrack allows you to communicate with your patients remotely using the in-app Telehealth function.

Communicate face-to-face using our encrypted audio and video Telehealth solution. Follow these simple steps to commence your Telehealth call.

  1. Launch your Physitrack app on your Apple device.
  2. Open the "Client" menu at the bottom of your screen and search for your client.
  3. Open your clients Physitrack file by tapping on their name, then press the "Call" button.
  4. If your client is logged into their PhysiApp account, your call will automatically connect. If not, the below screen will pop up, prompting you to send them an email reminding them of their appointment.
  5. After sending this email, wait on this next screen until your client logs into their programme (Ensure you allow Physitrack to access the camera and microphone on your device). 

  6. Once they have logged in you will automatically be connected.
  7. Your client will need to give their consent to the call before communicating with you via Physitrack's encrypted audio and video Telehealth solution.
Note: Physitrack's Telehealth feature only allows 1-way calls from the clinician to the patient. 

For 2-way communication check out our 2-way messaging function.

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