Lesson 2: Printing programs

Physitrack lets you create clear, printable PDF versions of exercise programs, with your practice logo shown at the top.

You can print a program from 2 places:

Option 1: Printing from Library > Exercise programs

This is still an unassigned program, and does therefor not contain an access code.

  • Click on the exercise program that you want to print.
  • Click on the "Printer" icon (see image below)
  • Choose the print layout (see image below)
  • A new browser window will open with the PDF version of the program.
  • You can then either print this PDF, save it to your computer or save it to your client's file.

Option 2: Printing from the program designer

Once you've assigned a program, go to the Clients page and click on the client to view and edit the program in the program designer.

You can also create print versions of a program from the program designer. Simply click the Print icon in the top right to show a printable PDF version of this program.

Both weekly and daily programs can be turned into printable PDF's.

Tip: you can add your practice logo to all printouts from the My account > My practice page.

Sample print-out (unassigned program with custom logo and tracking sheet)

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