Telehealth video consultation workflow

Physitrack's integrated Telehealth feature allows practitioners to have secure video consultations with clients all from within their Physitrack account (web version).

Clients securely access the video consultations via the PhysiApp client app (iOS, Android and web).

Please see our system requirements before initiating a video consultation with a patient.

Tutorial video #1 (3 minutes)

Tutorial video #2 (for your clients)

Direct link to the video

Step by step

Here are some easy steps to get started with Telehealth:

Step 1 (optional): add a client.

If you haven't already added the client in Physitrack do this first. 

Step 2: open the client

Note: if the client has the PhysiApp client app open, a "Call" button will be shown alongside the client in your main Client screen.

Step 3: invite the client

If this is a new client who hasn't downloaded PhysiApp yet you will need to invite them to join the video call.

If this is an existing client who has PhysiApp installed on his Android or iOS device, the client will get a push message alerting them that someone is trying to call them.

Step 4: wait for the client to join the video call

In the meantime, click on 'Turn on your camera and microphone' .

Client view - what your client sees

First, your client will receive an invitation to join the call.

Clients can join the call from iOS and Android devices as well as most recent web browsers.

Where client consent is required, your client will see the consent message.

Video call

This is what your video call will look like. The client's consent status will be shown on your end.

Prepare a client for a Telehealth call - How to generate an access code with educational content only

Prepare a client for a Telehealth call - How to generate an access code without any content

Updating the Telehealth consent box

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