Custom App - The holistic support during your patient's journey

We live in a modern world. In a world where technology is our daily companion, time is money, and multitasking is our second nature - but what happens when someone’s health is affected? When your patient is recovering from an injury, all the technology, money, and multitasking seem minor when pain is preventing them from living life as before. 

It is no secret that rehabilitation and a successful recovery are much more than just exercising a couple of times a week. Of course, physical rehabilitation involves a lot of that, but it is the entirety that matters the most. Nutrition, recovery and mental health are just as crucial as the prescribed exercises. It is safe to say that there are many pieces to the puzzle when looking at a patient’s journey. 
That is why we looked at their journey from a different perspective. What can we do to support it with technology? How can we provide an experience that goes beyond exercise prescription alone? How can we be there for the entire journey, from the beginning to the end with additional assistance along the way? We did some brainstorming and the Custom App was born. 

What is the Custom App all about? 

How does the Custom App differ from our PhysiApp? To put it most simply, think of the Custom App as your enhanced features. Introduce a holistic approach to recovery with an app that on-boards patients, guides them through their patient journey, and keeps them engaged with you until they need you again, while being able to offer either additional services and/or information or products. Next to that, we enable you to start with a 'virtual first' approach to reach out to more people without having to spend time in a 1-on-1 situation.  Basically, you take your patient's journey to a new level. 

Unique patient journey 

Let us jump on a trip with Olivia. Olivia is an enthusiastic salesperson who loves being active. She recently injured her hip and, very quickly, her active lifestyle changed dramatically. Instead of heading to the tennis court and attending yoga classes after work, unable to exercise she starts to fill her time with more work. Nothing wrong with working, but we all know that work is not the only thing in life. Olivia sees a practitioner and is prescribed an exercise program - some mobility exercises and some walking twice a week. After a few weeks there is no significant improvement and Olivia begins to feel frustrated with her lack of progress. She starts to lose motivation, feels stressed from work and tired from not sleeping and eating enough.  After a month, Olivia tries another clinic which has the Custom App.  
It all begins with Olivia answering her first questions online and, based on her answers, the app on-boards and guides her to book an appointment. Everything happens very smoothly and, within a very short time she has a new exercise program with outcome measures and secured messaging with her new practitioner. Olivia uses her time wisely and is already doing some safe prescribed rehabilitation exercises before she physically meets her new practitioner. By the time of her appointment, the practitioner already knows about Olivia, her injury status, training habits, interests and most importantly, what she is like. 
Olivia enjoys using the app. It includes everything from her prescribed exercises to meditation breaks. It has nutrition tips and articles based on Olivia's interests. She can easily contact her practitioner and vice versa; and her practitioner can remotely access her progress results and reach out to her via chat messaging and/or Telehealth if needed to guide her when she needs it. Olivia soon starts to feel more motivated and energetic. She is able to return to her usual work routines and feels more balanced in every aspect of her life. 
After two months, she had recovered from her hip injury.

How to stay balanced? 

Just like Olivia, life needs balance. That is why creating a custom app is anything but time-consuming for you.  We know that you are not an app designer - you are a practitioner, and you need balance too. So how would all this work? Let us describe how easy it is for you to set up your own app with us. 
Your patient’s journey would start with some basic questions. Useful questions to get to know to the patient and their injury. We call this first step Auto Intake. This offers organizations a new way of offering that 'virtual first' approach, automating intakes and screening, offering self-management programs, and guiding patients through their first steps in their journey without physically being present. 

How to customise the app?

We will provide your first visual designs and help define your digital workflow as part of your build process. Once delivered, you can dynamically update components at your discretion using easy-to-use tools on your Physitrack dashboard. You have an amazing flexibility to evolve the app over time.
The Auto Intake feature enables you to use the Custom App to offer services which are available through our standard product and also the use of custom tiles. 

Holistic mindset one step at a time

If you have read this far, you probably have a good idea of how the Custom App works, but to summarize, with the custom app you can: 
  •              create brand awareness - it looks like your App
  •              tailor your patient engagement dynamically
  •              offer your own services, products and information
  •              on-board and guide patients to book appointments 
  •              prescribe content at your desired frequency 
  •              engage with multiple patients 
  •              track outcome measures 
  •              keep your patients active and engaged with in-app notifications 
  •              securely message with your patients 
  •              continuously reinvent yourself 
When everything comes down to time, you start to see things in a new perspective. You want to provide the best possible care for your patients without letting them down, but you need time and balance as well. The great thing about technology is that it gives you more time - more time to focus on what matters. We are here to give your patients the necessary technology for a holistic experience, so that they feel balanced throughout the journey.  
One step at a time - along the entire journey. 

Are you interested in have your own Custom App? Read more about the features, and feel free to contact us at any time at We would love to help you get started on your Custom App journey.

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