How to start group calls with Telehealth Basic

Telehealth Basic allows you to do one-to-one, and group calling between browsers.

At this time, Physitrack Telehealth Pro and Pro+ support only one-to-one calls between practitioner and client.
We plan to add support for group calls for Telehealth Pro and Pro+ in the coming months.

To invite multiple people to your group call, please:

  1. Start the video call from you Physitrack account, by inviting your first client to the call (it is ok if they are still offline).
  2. Once the call has started, click the "Invite more people" button at the top of your screen, or the person icon in the left bottom corner.
  3. A new window will open. Click on the link to copy the meeting link. You can now paste the link via message, WhatsApp or email to the people who you'd like to invite to the call.
  4. Ask your invitees to copy this link into their web browser

Your attendees will now be able to join you in a group Physitrack Telehealth call.

Note: your attendees may be asked to give permissions to access your camera and microphone.

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