APA outcomes data pilot

Physitrack is proud to be the technology provider for the APA outcomes data pilot study.

The study is a world-first and aims to systematically collect de-identified, aggregated patient outcomes data to highlight the value of physiotherapy and positive impact to the overall Australian healthcare system.

Background information

Participate in the study

Are you an Australian-based physiotherapist and do you want to participate? 

  1. Subscribe to Physitrack if you don’t have an account yet
    APA members pay only $7.99 per month instead of $13.99 per month
  2. Login to your Physitrack account.
  3. Go to My account > Settings and tick the data sharing consent box inside your Physitrack account.
  4. If you've enabled data sharing, each time that you assign an exercise program, you will be asked to select the Condition of the client.
  5. If you select "Other", this client's program falls outside the scope of the APA Outcomes Data Pilot.
  6. However, if you select one of the conditions below, an outcome measure and measuring interval will be added to the program (as defined by the Australian Physiotherapy Association)
    1. ACL Injury IKDC, Start & every 4 weeks 
    2. Osteoarthritis KOOS, Start & every 6 weeks 
    3. Patellofemoral Pain KOOS, Start & every 6 weeks 
    4. Other Knee Condition (acute) IKDC, Start & every 4 weeks 
    5. Other Knee Condition (chronic) KOOS, Start & every 6 weeks
  7. If you've selected one of the above knee conditions, your client will see a consent request before accessing their program.
    This consent request will not be shown if your client's program doesn't have one of the above-mentioned conditions.
  8. If your client consents, then their outcome measure results will become available in an anonymized form to researchers in the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
    No client names or IDs are transmitted to the APA.

Video explanation

Conceptual overview of data sharing

For more details contact Jenine Fleming at jenine.fleming@australian.physio.

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