What happens after the Covid-19 free Physitrack Telehealth period?

On March 11, 2020, Physitrack offered free access to Physitrack Telehealth, our government grant-winning Telehealth solution for remote activity management.

Free access stopped on May 4, 2020.
After this date, your ' Call Client' button was disabled. If you would like to continue using Physitrack Telehealth, you will be asked to purchase a Telehealth package for the practitioners within your account.
The cost of the package will get added to your existing subscription. It will be pro-rated until the end of the calendar month.

For example, if you activate Physitrack Telehealth Pro on May 4, you will be immediately charged for the remaining 26 days of May for the package (24/30 x price of Telehealth package in your region).

On June 1, you will be charged for your Physitrack subscription, plus the whole monthly cost of your Telehealth package.
You can cancel Telehealth packages, as well as your Physitrack subscription, before the end of each calendar month.
There are no refunds if you cancel intra-month.
Note, at present, it is not possible to have different call packages for different practitioners within your account.
If you require different packages or no Telehealth at all for certain practitioners, you will need your team to sign up individually.

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