How do I set exercise defaults?

Exercises in your Physitrack library are set to the minimums by default. Clinicians vary significantly on their standardised exercise dosage.
There are two ways in which you can update your individual exercise defaults:
1. Updating at library level (changing dosage here applies these levels to the selected exercise every time this exercise is prescribed).
2. Updating at program editor level (changes here will apply to the exercise only in this specific program).

1. Updating at library level

  • Go to Library > Exercises, and search for the exercise

  • Click on the exercise to open up the exercise window.

  • Set the reps, sets and other parameters that you would like to use as defaults whenever you prescribe this exercise. Changes save automatically.
    Add additional instructions. Click "Save changes" to apply the instructions.
  • When you are done, close the exercise window.

2. Updating at program editor level

  • Once you have selected the exercises you wish to add to a program, click on the program editor basket in the top right corner.

  • Now in the daily program editor window, click an exercise and update the exercise parameters.

  • Insert additional instructions if required. All changes save here automatically.

N. B. Updating dosage for an individual exercise here applies these changes to only this program.

* Changes during weekly program editor window

If you have selected a weekly program, the functions are the same for updating parameters as a daily program, with the addition of a drop-down box.

There are 3 options to chose from:

This instance only applies the dosage changes to this exercise for the one occasion you have selected.

All instances from this point forward applies the dosage changes to this exercise for the occasion you have selected, and all other occasions this exercise appears in the current program from this day onwards.

All instances in this program applies the dosage changes to this selected exercise, and any other time this exercise appears in the current program.

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