How do I assign an outcome measure to a patient?

Outcome measures are always attached to assigned programs and/or educational content.
You can attach an outcome measure at the last step when you are assigning your program. You can also assign an outcome measure to a patient if they already have an active program running.

Assigning an outcome measure at the same time as a new program

  1. Once you have created your program you will need to assign it to your patient.

  2. In the final assign window, scroll down to the bottom of the box and input the relevant outcome measure in this window before clicking "Assign program".

Chose the intervals that you would like your patient to complete the survey.

Assigning an outcome measure to an already active program

  1. Go to Clients and find your patient.
  2. Open their file and click "View program" to the right of the screen.

  3. Click "Settings" in the top right corner, then follow the steps laid out above clicking "Save changes" once all of your content is attached.

Your patient will see the survey the next time he/she logs into PhysiApp, and will see the survey again at the intervals set by you.

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